No. 2-4, Road No. 1, Vinh Quang Residential Area, Ward 16, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City

Driving directions :

C1: If going from Ly Chieu Hoang street, turn to Tran Van Kieu street, run all the way to Tran Van Kieu street, you will see Road No. 74, run all the way through 74 Rach Nhay Bridge, the bridge will run 100m will see the third turn. Must come to the company.

C2: If going An Duong Vuong street towards Vo Van Kiet, then run close to Vo Van Kiet street, you will find the Cold Store 74, turn to run near the bridge will see turn 3 will turn to the company, From Vo Van Kiet In An Duong Vuong Street, you will also find the Cold Store 74, turn into the near run to see the bridge will meet the third turn will turn to the company.