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Outdoor Fitness Equipment H2119

Mã sản phẩm:

Product Detail:

_Bộ thể thao vận động ngoài trời ở công viên H2119

_Chất liệu : nhựa cao cấp, không phai màu, độ bền cao

_Quy cách: 1220*1020*300 (cm)

_ Is the toys used in the house and yard for children from 3-12 years old.

_ Construction on the hard concrete floor ( if the background is not hard enough to pour concrete under the position to pour ).

_ Lot carpet or sand to protect the safety of children .

_ Use for kindergartens, parks, gardens, shopping malls, supermarkets, villas, amusement parks …

_ With iron powder coating material ( no rust ), high-grade plastic, non- fading, non-toxic.

_ A playground with many active games healthy, improve intelligence development .

_ 12 months warranty.